19 International Students at Universitas Diponegoro’s 168th Graduation Ceremony

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November 10, 2022

Semarang – Central Java (9/11). Universitas Diponegoro (Undip) successfully held the 168th Graduation Ceremony which was held in 11 stages, starting from November 1-4, 2022, and was continued on November 7-8, 2022 at the Prof. Soedarto, S.H. Building Undip Tembalang Campus. The 168th Graduation Ceremony was attended by 2,559 graduates, which included 35 Doctoral programmes students, 267 Masters students, 52 Specialists programmes students, 51 Professions, 2,008 Undergraduate students, 80 Applied Undergraduates students and 66 Diploma III (D3) students.

Vice-Rector for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Faisal, S.E., M.Si., Ph.D., in his report said that out of 2,559 graduates, there were 19 graduates who were international students who graduated at Undip’s 168th graduation.

The international students included Mohamed Sallieu Jam-Jalloh (Sierra Leone) who graduated from the Master of Management programme, Ahmed B. J. Shaath (Palestine) who graduated from the Master of Civil Engineering programme, and Radharani Dasi Alzate Luna (Ecuador) who graduated with a Master of Urban and Regional Planning.

Ali Abdulraoof Taha Al-Maktari (Yemen) graduated from the Master of Chemical Engineering programme, Maddi (Myanmar) graduated from the Master of Public Administration programme, and Jacques Luis Alves De Jesus Soares (Timor Leste) graduated from the Master of Political Science programme.

Furthermore, there were 4 international students who graduated from the Master of Environmental Science programme, namely Marciano Borges Ximenes (Timor Leste), Delio Da Costa (Timor Leste), Augusto Almeida Da Silva (Timor Leste), and Aloto Ximenes Belo Amaral (Timor Leste).

In addition, there were 6 other international students who successfully graduated from the Master of Linguistics programme, including Syarifah Braheng (Thailand), Muniroh Bachoh (Thailand), Nurlaila Kengmalaphi (Thailand), Natan Ledvon (Czech Republic), Ahmad Muhammad (Saudi Arabia), and Eman Abdallah Khalfallah (Sudan).

And 3 international students graduated with a Master’s degree in Environmental Engineering, namely Marcal De Araujo Ferreira Babo Martins (Timor Leste), Mariana Da Costa Pereira (Timor Leste), and Etelvina Salsinha Soares (Timor Leste).

Undip as a well-known state university in Indonesia is increasingly making steps towards a World Class University (WCU). This is made visible by the increasing number of study programmes at Undip that have been internationally accredited.

In addition, there is the Diponegoro International Office (DIO) which is part of the university administration system that offers services to international students, researchers, and other university partners. Diponegoro International Office (DIO) was established to answer the increasing needs of international students.

One of the international students attending Universitas Diponegoro’s 168th graduation ceremony.


Source: undip.ac.id



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