Indonesia’s Role as the ASEAN Growth Center 2045, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs and FISIP Undip Organize “Ekon Goes to Campus” Seminar

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November 23, 2023

Semarang (23/11) – Today, an event titled “Ekon Goes to Campus” was held as part of the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs’ program. This event brought forth an engaging theme, “Towards 2045, Indonesia Realizing ASEAN as the Center of Growth in the Region.” The activity served as one of the accountabilities of the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs in accordance with Law No. 14 of 2008 concerning Public Information Transparency.

In an effort to provide broader and comprehensive understanding regarding Indonesia’s Chairmanship in ASEAN in 2023, this awareness-raising activity aimed to foster awareness of community participation in conveying aspirations and policy recommendations. By engaging academia, Ekon Goes to Campus also aimed to serve as a platform for the socialization of programs and policies within the scope of the Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs.

Ika Riswanti Putranti, S.H., M.H., Ph.D., Vice Dean of Resources at FISIP Undip, representing the Dean of FISIP Undip, officially started the event. In her address, she emphasized the significance of ASEAN as a rapidly evolving regional organization with various issues yet to be fully explored. The hope was that this activity became a conduit for providing new insights, encouraging research, and inspiring research ideas associated with ASEAN.

Distinguished speakers attended the event, including Netty Muharni (Deputy Assistant for Regional and Sub-Regional Economic Cooperation, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs), Carolina Tinangon (Secretary of the Directorate General of ASEAN Cooperation, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia), Tri Hidayatno (ASEAN Economic Cooperation Coordinator, Coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs), Wulan Damayanti (Policy Analyst), and Dr. Drs. Muhammad Adnan, M.A. (Lecturer in Politics and Government Science, FISIP Undip).

The event comprised two main sessions: a presentation session and a discussion session moderated by Mrs. Neny Marlina, S.IP, MA. These sessions provided participants with the opportunity to gain in-depth information while actively participating in discussing ideas, concepts, and recommendations regarding Indonesia’s development direction towards 2045 as the growth center of ASEAN.

To enliven the seminar, a game related to the theme of the event was conducted, engaging the participants. The game took place simultaneously using each participant’s electronic devices. Participants enthusiastically responded to questions appearing on their phone screens. This moment also served as a form of post-test to gauge participants’ understanding of the presentation and discussion sessions.

The “Ekon Goes to Campus” seminar marked a crucial moment for universities and society to comprehend Indonesia’s strategic role in the ASEAN regional context. It is anticipated that this event will generate innovative ideas towards realizing Indonesia’s vision for 2045 as the primary growth center in the ASEAN region.



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