Vision dan Mission

Master of Political Science
FISIP Universitas Diponegoro


To become an excellent study program in theory and application theory in the field of political and governance management at national and International level by 2022


  • To Develop an educational process that produce excellent graduates who have the ability to apply the political theories in order to contribute to the improvement of the nation and state.
  • To Develop the science and technology (IPTEK) through the inter-disciplinary and multi-disciplinary research, developing innovation, political management and governance.
  • To Develop the community service program based on the political development and contribution towards the welfare of the state and society.


To produce qualified graduates who are:

  • Mastering the theory and methodology of the political and governance sciences through the innovative teaching and learning processes.
  • Mastering the application of the political and governmental theories that are useful in the socio-political life and governance management.
  • Able to develop the scientific discourse through inter-disciplinary or multi-disciplinary research in the fields of political and governance sciences.
  • Able to carry out the community service activities that are useful for the political, governance management innovations and development models for the political and governance management in order to produce the sustainable political development and governance.



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