Undip Prepares Assistance Funds For Students

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May 29, 2021

Universitas Diponegoro has carried out so much effort and assistance for students who are affected by the Covid19 Pandemic. Starting from internet quota assistance, food distribution, distribution of protectors such as masks and sanitisers, WFH student internships to the reduction of tuition fees.

Now, Undip is back to help students who are affected by the Covid19, especially those who still stay and do not go back home. The volunteer movement by the Undip’s staff to set aside some of their income to help students who are affected by the Covid19

600 million rupiahs per month are ready to be given cash to students affected by the Covid19 in 3 months. Undip’s Rector, Prof. Dr. Yos Johan Utama,SH., M.Hum conveyed that the voluntary grant from the Undip’s staff is the real proof of their caring to support the Government program in working together to fight this pandemic.

Students affected by the Covid19 are encouraged to register through SSO by taking into account the requirements and completing the supporting documents. The registration will be opened on Friday, May 29 2020.


Source : https://www.undip.ac.id



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